Prison Ministry

This is an activity were by some faithful and willing christians organize themselves and go out as a team to any identified prison, to preach the word of God and introduce the salvation of Jesus Christ. This therefore is built on the great commission were by, before departing the earth, Christ said "Go into the world and make disciples in my name." This is not only an experience of a life time but also an opportunity to bring to someone the greatest gift ever and that is the message of salvation, the message about the love of God.

Music Concerts

This is periodic event organized by the praise and worship team of The Revived Apostolic Mission. The musical Concert is one of those events you don't want to miss out on. Filled with a time of extravagant praise, lifting up of God-given voices to our God, accompanied by instrumentals that blend with angelic and joyful voices and supported by hands of acclamation and finally ganish with dancing. So come with your dancing shoes on and rejoice so much so that you won't want to return home. Visit our calendar page for the scheduled date and time.

Refresh My Soul - End of Year Program

Our end of year program is another awesome one week event you don't want to miss out on It is very engaging, full of fun and relaxed activities, we make joyful noise, brain storm on major topics relating to our every day life, watch our kids display thier God given talents and share in a common meal. The refresh my soul program runs from December 25th to December 31st and involves activities such as debate, bible quiz, movie projection, opera presentation, fashion show and musical concert. Visit our calendar page for the scheduled date and time.


Evangelism is spreading the good news and knowledge about salvatoin in our lord and savior Jesus Christ, bringing many unto repentance and accepting Jesus Christ into your life and living a life of righteousness by God's grace through Jesus Christ his son. In apostle Paul's letter to the Corinthians, see 1 Corinthians 15 verses 1 - 4, he reminds us that we are saved through Jesus Christ who died and rose again from the dead to bring every man from sin unto salvation. It is therefore our place to welcome Jesus Christ into our lives and to tell others about this free gift of salvation given to us only through Jesus Christ.



We are glad to celebrate the goodness of our God who has brought us this far and he is still taking us ahead from glory to glory. Our 2nd ANNIVERSARY is at hand, set for JUNE 27 and JUNE 28, 2018. We all are invited to come and rejoice and share a common meal as we fellowship together. The program will feature Barbecue, Praise and Worship time filled with singing and the Anniversary Worship Service proper. Visit our calendar page for details on the scheduled date and time.

Thanksgiving (annually)

The GOSPEL REVIVAL THANKSGIVING CONFERENCE, is one of its kind. It is a time to fellowship as a family in the body of Christ Jesus, to pray, praise and worship the king of kings. At The Revived Apostolic Mission, we welcome everyone from all works of life to join us during thanksgiving as we appreciate our God for everything he has and he is still doing in our lives and in this great nation America. Equally join us for a common meal on the 26th of November, at 3pm. The rest of the program runs from the 24th to the 28th beginning as from 6pm at our church hall. God Bless you, God Bless The Revived Apostolic Mission and God Bless America.